Handling,Storing and Shipping

Wet or frozen ores and minerals can be difficult to move. Liners of Bokplas UHMW polymer prevent wet or frozen material from sticking to equipment.

Moisture causes many materials to stick to steel, but with Bokplas UHMW polymer, they move easily, without sticking. Your rail fleet will operate better with maintenance parts of 1900 polymer, which resists abrasive, corrosive dust environments.

Conveyor belt return rollers do not build up with wet or frozen product when they are sleeved with Bokplas UHMW polymer. Both wet and dry materials discharged faster and more easily from storage equipment lined with 1900 polymers.



Belt Guides*Buckets and Buckets Liner*Chain Guides and Idlers*Chain Sprockets Chair Wear Plates*Chute Liners Return Rollers Sleeves*V-Roller Sleeves.
Hoppers, Bins, Bunkers, Silos*Chute lines*Distributors Gate*Liners


Bolster and Interior Liners*Discharge Gates Dumpcart Liners*Fifth Wheel Liners Yoke and Coupled wear plates

Bunker liners* Conveyor belt guides liners of hold.